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best restaurants menton france Menton is blessed with some excellent restaurants. With it's coastal location on the French Riviera and its proximity to the Italian border, it is no surprise to find that seafood and fish feature heavily on the Menton restaurant menus, as well as dishes which combine a French and Italian heritage. Menton is also celebrated within France for its production of Lemons and citrus fruit and there is a massive Lemon festival held in Menton each year (see Menton Lemon Festival). The local fruits feature heavily in the restaurant dishes served up in Menton.

Obviously with its location by the beach most visitors head for the Menton restaurants down by the port to take in the sea views over lunch or dinner. But that is a shame because there are some excellent restaurants in Menton's old town, often sandwiched between the narrow streets.

If you want to push the boat out, then no visit to Menton should be complete unless you take in the 2 Michelin star restaurant of the Mirazur. Not only is the Mirazur, the best restaurant in Menton, it is widely recognised as the best restaurant in the whole of France and in 2019/20 was voted the best restaurant in the World. It is not cheap, but the views, the amazing food and the relaxed service make up for it.

If you are visiting Menton, then you can certainly look forward to eating out. Here is our list of the 5 best restaurants in Menton France.



#1 Best restaurants in Menton France - Mirazur Menton, France

mirazur menton france2 The Mirazur restaurant is run by the celebrated chef Mauro Colagreco. Since the Mirazur opened in 2006 it has gained 2 Michelin stars and Colagreco has been voted Chef of the Year. The restaurant is situated on the hill side above Menton and from the large terrace you can enjoy excellent panoramic views over the Bay of Garavan.

The Mirazur restaurant grows all its own vegetables and herbs in the gardens surrounding the restaurant. Legend has it that Chef Colagreco uses over 250 different types of herbs in his menu recipes. Mauro Colagreco's signature dish is his Langoustines in a Dashi Broth, as well his Gamberoni di San Remo, which uses the fresh prawns reared on the nearby Italian Ligurian coast.

Without a shadow of a doubt the Mirazur is the best restaurant in Menton, it is also clearly the best restaurant in the South of France and its growing reputation has it challenging the restaurants of Lyon and Paris for the title of the best restaurant in France. Currently the Mirazur is ranked the 4th best restaurant in the World and during 2017. For more information on the Mirazur restaurant please read our article on Mauro Colagreco's Mirazur restaurant Menton France.

You will find the Mirazur restaurant at 30 avenue Aristide Briand, Menton, France. For reservations either call (+33 4 92 41 86 86) or email a reservation to Mirazur Menton.



#2 Best Menton restaurants - Loving Hut

menton loving hut2 Not far behind the Mirazur in terms of its growing reputation, is the Loving Hut vegetarian restaurant in Menton. The menu at the Loving Hut combines vegan French recipes and gluten-free Asian fusion dishes. The Douceur d'Asie is always a popular choice on the menu. This dish combines vermicelli noodles in a spiced sauce with a blend of dissected spring roll, fresh herbs and fresh salad. This is cooking that combines skill and passion in equal measures.

With its location on the seafront, the Loving Hut not only provides delicious food, but superb sea views. The service is quick and very polite and the menu itself is not expensive at all. My only slight reservation is over the religious leaning's of the owners (I think they are part of some obscure sect), but boy can they cook. 

You will find the Loving Hut restaurant at 649 Promenade du Soleil, Menton, France. For reservations call +33 4 92 07 32 57, or send an email at Loving Hut.





#3 Best restaurants in Menton - Little Italy

menton restaurant little italy It is no surprise that with it lying on the Italian border that the restaurants in Menton draw heavily from the cuisine of its neighbour and one time ruler. In the heart of Menton's old town there is a fantastic Italian restaurant called Little Italy.

When you picture the perfect Italian restaurant in your mind, then you will probably envisage checkered red table cloths, simple wooden tables, giant pepper grinders and the aroma of fresh basil and garlic. Well basically that is Little Italy.

Tucked into a little side street, Little Italy restaurant in Menton, has a small terrace outside the restaurant and around 15 tables inside. The menu features a lot of authentic pasta dishes, pizza and some excellent fish courses. The restaurant provides generous portions and it is not too expensive (for the French Riviera!).

You will find the Little Italy restaurant at 7 Rue Pieta, Menton, France. For reservations call +33 09 67 19 15 44.





#4 Best restaurants Menton France - Maison Martin et Fils

menton maison martin2 Located right next to Menton's indoor market there is this absolute gem of a restaurant. With fresh produce drawn from next door, the menu features a range of standard French and Italian dishes. But what is most impressive is that the dishes let the ingredients speak for themselves. There is no overblown artistry or shock-and-awe techniques. Just plain simple good cooking.

The steaks are excellent, but for me the star of the show was the starters. I would never in a million years have ordered Courgette flowers, as my wife did, but they were to die for. One of my sons had the Italian beef stew and the other chose the Gnocchi. Both of them cleaned their plates.

You will find Maison Martin et Fils at 7 rue des Marins, Menton, France. For reservations call +33 4 93 35 74 67.






#5 Best Menton restaurants - Cote Sud.

menton cote sud restaurant If you have blown your restaurant budget at Mirazur, then probably the best choice of Menton restaurants at the cheaper end of the scale is the Cote Sud restaurant near Menton's port.

Serving excellent pizzas, calamari, grilled seafood and fresh fish; this restaurant is always busy with visitors and locals alike. The staff are extremely friendly and the service is usually pretty quick. You can't really go wrong.

You will find the Cote Sud restaurant at 5 Quai Bonaparte, Menton, France. For reservations call +33 04 93 84 03 69 











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