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The coastal resort of St Raphael, South France, enjoys over 2,700 hours of sunshine per year, with 12-13 hours per day in the hot summer months. As you would expect from a beach resort in the South of France, the weather in Saint Raphael is warm, sunny and dry for pretty much most of the year.

St Raphael has a typical Mediterranean climate, with long warm summer days and mild winters. St Raphael become developed just after the Second World War, when along with the nearby village of St Raphael, the area rapidly expanded.

Today Saint Raphael and St Raphael have joined together, with only the River Pedegal forming a notional border between the two. The weather in St Raphael has played an important role in developing the town from a sleepy fishing village into a modern French resort favoured by French politicians, writers and sports stars.


St Raphael weather -  best time to visit St Raphael, France

st raphael beach franceI think June and September are the best times to visit St Raphael, France. During the winter it can get a bit windy on the coastline, with a combination of Le Mistral and the Sirocco winds blowing against the shore.

During late June and early September the weather in Saint Raphael is hot and sunny and you can enjoy some long sunny days. Rainfall is very rare indeed and you are certainly going to be wearing shorts and T shirts even during the evenings. During July and especially August, St Raphael becomes very busy as holidaymakers from Paris and Northern France and Europe descend on the town. 


Weather in St Raphael in June

st raphael beach The weather in St Raphael in June is glorious. On average, the temperature in St Raphael in June hits the high 20's with an average monthly high of 27.2°C/81F. It is certainly not unusual to get days topping 30°C/86F. during June in St Raphael. The month of June is very dry, with only 4 days a month on average recording any rain. Along with September, June is perhaps the best month for visiting St Raphael.


St Raphael weather in July

The weather in St Raphael in July is lovely and hot with long sunny days. Towards the middle and end of July, you can get days topping 35°C/95F and most days enjoy clear un-interrupted sunshine and a nice gentle breeze coming in off the sea. July in St Raphael is the hottest month of the year with average temperatures around 31°C/88F. July is also the driest month in St Raphael, France, with rain only falling on 2 days per month on average. 


Average weather St Raphael France in August

August is when the French holidaymakers arrive in St Raphael, France. As to be expected, they come for the warm climate and uninterrupted sunshine. With temperatures still topping 33°C and an average monthly temperature of 31°C, you can see why they come in their thousands to enjoy the beaches. Like July, you will ot get much rain, but when it does rain, you can get some spectacular downpours.


Weather in St Raphael in September

The weather in St Raphael in September is warm, dry and sunny. The average day temperature is still around a very healthy 26.5°C/78F and the night time low temperatures dip down to a very pleasant 13.3°C. September enjoys around 8 hours of sunshine per day and it only normally rains during 4 days during the month.


Autumn weather in St Raphael

st raphael beach france500 The weather in St Raphael in October and November is traditionally the wettest part of the year with some spectacular storms blowing in off the sea and captured by the mountains behind. The weather in October in St Raphael is still relatively warm (around 21.2°C/69F) but you do get more rain showers and normally there is a 30% chance of rain. During November in St Raphael the temperatures drop down noticeably, with an average monthy temperature of 16°C/61F. This is still warm in comparison to most places, but you can really feel the drop in temperature if you are living here all year around.


St Raphael France weather in the winter

It is a strange thing, but a lot of people visit St Raphael for the winters. Whilst the temperature is cooler, it is still mild compared to most of Europe and you also benefit from plenty of clear blue skies during December through to February. January is the coldest month in St Raphael, France, with average monthly temperatures just nudging 13°C/55F. But it is the night time when you notice the temperature drop the most, with some nights even dropping to below 2°C/35F.


St Raphael temperature in Spring

During March and April you can get some good hot, sunny days in St Raphael. With average highs around 18°C/65F and around 7 hours of sunshine per day, it is very pleasant indeed. During the evening you are going to need to wear a jumper or light jacket and you will also need to have a shower coat to hand for the occasional showers (on average it rains 6 days per month during March and April.


Weather in St Raphael France in May

During May, the heat in St Raphael suddenly rockets. You go from days in late April of around 20°C/68F, up to the high 20's and even 30°C in May in St Raphael. The average temperature for May in St Raphael is 23°C/73F, but it can often feel warmer in the sunshine.


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