MIPIM Cannes 2024 - International Real Estate festival

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MIPIM Cannes 2024 is the International Real Estate show held at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, in March or April each year. MIPIM 2024 Cannes will be held from 12-15 March 2024. This huge property market exhibition and conference is held over 4 full days and encompasses over 20,000 participants including exhibitors and keynote industry speakers. It features everybody from the international property sectors, including office and residential developers; real estate agents, and representatives from the healthcare and sports world.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this Real Estate show this year. During 2023, the Real Estate industry in France has taken a real battering, with reportedly over 900 Estate Agencies closing their doors, property sales down by 20% and house prices starting to fall. Although this Real Estate conference has an international focus, it will nevertheless be interesting to see if the experiences in France are being felt in other parts of the World.


What does MIPIM stand for?

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MIPIM stands for "Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier" so it is no wonder they decided to abbreviate it to just MIPIM!! But what is MIPIM? Well MIPIM Cannes was set up in 1991 to provide a forum for the International Real Estate Property market to showcase new developments and to discuss shared issues of concern such as financing and developments in real estate marketing. Today this Cannes real estate conference has developed into a huge international event. In truth it has become more of a networking and marketing event than an industry focus group, but it does still attract some important players in the International real estate world.

MIPIM Cannes attracts over 2,500 exhibitors from 93 different countries. In total MIPM Cannes is visited by over 20,000 people during the 4 days of the show. During MIPIM Cannes there are numerous keynote speakers and panels which focus on property investment, industry trends and developments across many real estate sectors. These events usually include breakfast networking meetings, an opening cocktail party and the prestigious MIPIM Awards ceremony, and dedicated meetings.


MIPIM Cannes 2024 International Real estate festival


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MIPIM 2024 Cannes will be held from 12-15 March 2024 at the Palais de Festivals Cannes. The 2024 MIPIM conference will feature over 100 conference sessions and will highlight over 150 individual real estate projects. A popular feature at MIPIM Cannes is the “RE-Invest" summit which is sponsored by the Real Estate Institutional Investors. This event is where the latest research and surveys commissioned by MIPIM are discussed in detail. During the summit, participants review and debate the findings of this research and an analysis is then published and circulated. Other events planned for the 2024 MIPIM Cannes show include Link-In sessions, presentations by the Hotel, Tourism and Leisure (HTL) investors and the Mayors’ Think Tank.

MIPIM 2024 will include a new half-day summit focused on sustainable housing solutions, entitled  ‘Housing Matters!'.  This conference will focus on a range of current concepts in the alternative residential sectors for housing, such as Built-to-Rent, Co-Living, Multi-family housing, corporate housing, student accommodation, and more. The Housing Matters! summit will be held before the launch of the official conference on Monday 11 March.



MIPIM Cannes Awards

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 The MIPIM Awards is a competition that rewards the finest real estate developments. Each year real estate developers submit their projects for review by a jury panel of industry experts. The winners are determined by a combination of the MIPIM jury and the MIPIM Cannes delegates. The chosen winners are then announced at a gala dinner. The Awards categories include Business centres, Shopping centres, Office buildings, Refurbished office buildings and Residential developments.



MIPIM apartments Cannes

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If you are looking for accommodation in Cannes during the MIPIM Cannes conference, your best advice is always book early as most of the accommodation for MIPIM conference is booked solid well in advance. With over 21,000 delegates descending on Cannes for this 4 day event, accommodation is often at a premium. You will also find that the hotels in Cannes will charge a premium for hotel rooms during the MIPIM Cannes week. A cost-effective alternative to booking a hotel accommodation in Cannes during MIPIN, is to rent an apartment in Cannes during the week.

This is where Go Languedoc can help you. We have a wide selection of Cannes apartments and villas that can be rented during the MIPIM Cannes conference. For more details, please visit our hand-picked selection of MIPIM apartments.



Weather in Cannes in March



If you are planning on visiting MIPIM Cannes 2024, then you will find the weather in Cannes in March to be a very pleasant. During early spring, the weather in Cannes is typically around 15oC during the day and only a 20% chance of rain (an average of 4 days a month record any rain). But the beauty of visiting Cannes in March is that you benefit from glorious poweder blue skies and the views along the Promenade des Croisettes, where you can look out over the beach to the Mediterranean sea. Whilst Cannes is always very busy during the MIPIM conference week, it is still possible to sample the excellent restaurants and great shopping Cannes has to offer.



MIPIM 2024 Real Estate show Cannes dates

Dates: 12-15 March 2024

Venue: Palais des Festivals, Cannes

Website: www.mipim.com