MIP TV Cannes 2024 - television, film & media festival

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MIPTV Cannes 2024 will take place from 30 March to 2 April 2023. MIP TV is a massive TV content marketing show that brings together everybody involved in the TV, film, digital and video industry. Participants attending include the big TV production companies, studio heads, the distribution industry, programme directors, writers and producers. 

It is actually 4 conferences in one: MIP Digital Formats, MIPDOC, MIP Drama and MIPTV. Participants attending include the big TV production companies, the distribution industry, programme directors, writers and producers. Although not as glitzy as the famous Cannes film festival, it still does have a "show business" feel to it, with famous actors and producers pitching ideas and showcasing pilot episodes. MIPTV has become partly a giant networking forum for the TV industry and partly a key marketing event to discover future programme trends on a global level.


What is MIPTV?

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MIPTV stands for "Le Marché International des Programmes de Télévision" so I think it is safer to just call it MIPTV!! MIPTV first began in Lyon, France in 1963. The very first MIPTV conference was attended by around 100 companies from 20 different countries. In 1965, MIPTV moved to Cannes where it has remained ever since. The event is organised by Reed MIDEM.

MIPTV is one of the key international events during the year when representatives from the Television industry get together to discuss the buying and selling of TV content, as well as to discuss the financing and distribution of entertainment programmes content. The 2023 MIPTV event was attended by over 11,00 participants, nearly 4,000 programme buyers and 1,600 exhibitors. Interestingly, nearly as many delegates from Asia attended this year's show as from North America (around 15% of the total). The 2024 MipTV event  is the 61st edition of the festival.



MIPTV Cannes 2023 television, film & media festival

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MIPYV 2024 Cannes will be held from 8-10 April 2024 at the Palais de Festivals Cannes. The 2024 MIPTV conference will feature the most important Broadcasters, Cable Satellite companies, Content Creators, Producers and Distributors. There is also an important focus on Online Media (MIP Digital Fronts) and Game Developers. It is expected that the 2024 MIPTV will devote as much air time to digital content as it has traditionally given up to conventional TV programmes.

MIPTV has a jury which selects 12 new shows for screening during the MIPTV conference. The jury and delegates then vote for their favourite shows in the closing session called the MIPTV Cannes Awards.



MIPFormats 2024

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MIPFormats was launched by MIPTV in 2010 as a pre-MPTV event focusing on new breakthrough talent. The idea was that aspiring content producers were not getting a fair hearing during the main MPTV event, where programme buyers were looking for blockbuster programmes. MIPFormats therefore gives a chance for relatively unknown independent content producers to showcase their work and pitch before producers, commissioners, buyers and distributors.

An interesting part of MIPFormats is devoted not just to new content, but also new platforms for displaying content. MIPFormats regularly features around 600 participants and is held the weekend before the MIPTV conference. MIPFormats 2024 will be held at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes from 6-7 April 2024.



MIP Digital Fronts 2024 

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MIP Digital Fronts is an off-shoot of the main MIPTV event which is designed primarily for the digital content market event. It features key digital entertainment executives, producers, distributors and advertisers.  MIP Digital Fronts is the first international digital content show which features screenings from world-renowned digital studios and online channels. Screenings are followed by on-stage interviews with the producers and creators. The press blurb describes it as a "digital content market place bringing together the new online video ecosystem with the TV industry" - which I think is long-hand for a big "schmooz-fest".






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MIPTV is also an opportunity for documentary film makers to showcase their projects and ideas. MIPDOC is usually held the weekend before the MIPTV event.  MIPDOC is the world's largest event for factual documentary programmes. MIPDOC also features keynote speakers, discussion forums and networking events.

MIPTV organises a special event called MIPDOC Pitch where content creators and producers in search of financing or collaboration for projects, can pitch their ideas and gain exposure in front of a jury of industry experts. Not only does this benefit up and coming talent, but it also provides an opportunity for TV networks to identify fresh documentary & factual TV projects. The MIPDOC event will be held will be held in 2024 at the Grand Hyatt hotel, Cannes, on 6-7 April 2024.



MIP TV apartments Cannes

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If you are looking for accommodation in Cannes during the MIPTV Cannes conference, you would be well advised to book your accommodation well in advance. With over 15,000 delegates arriving in Cannes, accommodation is often at a premium. You will also find that the hotels in Cannes will charge a premium for hotel rooms during th MIPTV Cannes week. A cost-effective alternative to booking a hotel accommodation in Cannes during MIP TV, is to rent a villa or apartment in Cannes. At Go South France we can help you locate suitable accommodation.

We have a wide selection of Cannes apartments and villas that can be rented during the MIPTV Cannes conference. For more details, please visit our hand-picked selection of MIPTV accommodation.




Weather in Cannes in March/April

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April in Cannes is usually glorious. You should expect to find clear blue skies a nice average temperature of 17oC and a very remote chance of rain. You probably stand more chance of getting soaked (in champagne) at one of the lavish corporate events that go on during Cannes during the MIP TV week. MIPTV week in Cannes is usually a lively affair with plenty of after-show parties and events. You will find some of the best events taking place in the restaurants on the beach along the Promenade des Croisettes.



MIPTV 2024 Cannes dates

Dates: 8-10 April 2024

Venue: Palais des Festivals, Cannes

Website: www.miptv.com