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cap Ferrat The Millionaires playground of Cap Ferrat is reportedly one of the richest areas of Europe. It rivals Monaco for more millionaires per hectare. Cap Ferrat, South France first became the destination of the rich and famous just after the First World War. King Leopold II of Belgium, started the trend for building magnificent villas. The writer W. Somerset Maugham bought Villa Mauresque in 1928 and lived there before and after World War II. Current famous residents include Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in Villa Maryland and musical composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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Cap Ferrat beach, South France

What originally drew visitors to the headland of coast was the marvellous views and the beautiful sandy beach. South France has many fine beaches, but the beaches around Cap Ferrat are reportedly amongst the best in the Cote d'Azur. Just below the classy village of Saint-jean you will find a tree lined stretch of sand with a shallow bay. The water is crystal clear and you can get a wonderful view of the palatial mansions by swimming out into the bay. The Cap Ferrat beach of Paloma Plage is popular with divers (on account of the clear water). The public stretch of Cap Ferrat beach at Paloma Plage can be found by heading towards Paloma point and walking down the short footpath to the beach.

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