marc chagall museumThe Marc Chagall Museum in Nice France (or the "Musee Marc Chagall National Message Biblique " to give it it's full title) was set up under the terms of the artists will. Marc Chagall had lived in the Nice era for a large part of his later life and he bequeathed to the city 17 separate works which make up his 'Biblical Message'.


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museum sport nice2If you are visiting Nice this summer, then one place worth checking out is the new Musee National du Sport. Even if you are not a regular museum visitor, you cannot be bored with this museum in Nice. The museum of sport which features some amazing historical artifacts and memorabilia.

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mougins artIf you are a lover of history then you are in luck in the South of France. There are some excellent South France museums covering a range of historical periods from the Dinosaurs through to the local resistance movement of the Second World War. Here is just a selection of our favourite 5 South of France museums.

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languedoc art museumsThe South of France has been home to a wide range of famous artists throughout history. Towns such as Arles, Montpellier, Toulouse, Collioure and Ceret all boastan impressive art heritage. Van Gogh, Gaughin, Picasso, Lautrec, Chagall, Miro, the Fauvist movement, and the Cubists group of painters have all come to work in the South of Francefor the "special light" and create some fantastic art and paintings. Go South France! selects the best art galleries and sites to visit in the South of France.

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arles antiqueIf you are looking for ideas for what to do in South of France, then a stop-over in Arles, France could be a good bet. Arles is a beautiful city, full of culture, history and great architecture. Most of the buildings are ancient, but I reckon that Musee de l'Arles Antique,  Arles' archeology museum, South France, is one of the best modern buildings I have seen. 

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arles van goghIn 1888 van Gogh left Paris for Provence. Arriving in Arles, South France, van Gogh in collaboration with Paul Gaugin painted some of his most impressive works. It was also the scene of his famous "ear cutting" act and his decline into mental illness. If you want to see the actual scenes of some of van Gogh's most celebrated paintings such as Starry Night, Bedroom at Arles Jardin d'Ete and L'Hopital d'Arles, then follow our Van Gogh in Arles, South France art trail.

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mougins artIt is quite something that the village the size of Mougins in South France has a world class Art museum to rival any National collection. The Mougins Classic Art Museum (MACM), was established in 2008 by Christian Levett, a wealthy Hedge-Fund Manager and local resident of Mougins. The Mougins Museum of Classical art is essentially a private collection open to the public. 

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