Best French music festivals

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Festivals in France 2016

See our list of the best festivals in France in 2016

Nice Jazz Festival

The oldest and the biggest Jazz festival in France

Festivals in France 2016

See our list of the best festivals in France in 2016

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Festival d'Avignon

The biggest street theatre festival in France

Montpellier Danse

The biggest festival of dance in Europe

Cannes Film Festival

The most important film festival in Europe

Chorégies d'Orange

Summer opera festival held each August in Orange

fete de drac365 The South of France is the festival capital of France. There is not a week that goes by without some festival or event taking place. Be it massive carnival processions or small food festivals, the South of France corners the market in the most interesting and varied festivals. 

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nice jazzIt is quite incredible that the Nice Jazz festival was the very first jazz festival in the world. The inaugural Festival de Jazz Nice was held in February 1948, nearly 70 years ago. The 2016 Nice Jazz festival is the 67th Jazz event on the French Riviera and will take place from 16 to 20 July 2016 at the Théatre de Verdure, Place Masséna, Nice. 

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Fete drac2The annual Dragon festival in Mondragon, South France, is always a lively affair, with plenty of fireworks, firecrackers and general mayhem. The main event takes place at night when virtually the whole town comes out to join in the procession. The festival has taken place for the last 40 years and pays homage to the old legend of a dragon that appears on the banks of the Rhone river and captures unsuspecting virgins from the village of Mondragon. Further information can be obtained from the Fete du Drac website. 

nice carnaval1The Nice Carnival is the oldest and one of the biggest carnivals in the World. It is also one of the most important dates in the annual Nice, France, festivals calendar. The 2017 Nice carnival will take place from 10 to 26 February 2017. This enormous French carnival procession takes place over 15 days during the Mardi Gras.

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365miptv cannes france2MIPTV Cannes 2017 will take place from 13-16 April 2017. MIP TV is a massive TV content marketing show that brings together everybody involved in the TV, film, digital and video industry. It is actually 4 conferences in one: MIP Digital Fronts, MIPDOC, MIPFormats and MIPTV. Participants attending include the big TV production companies, studio heads, the distribution industry, programme directors, writers and producers. 


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menton lemon festivalOne of the most colourful festivals of France is the annual Menton Lemon festival. The Fête du Citron, is held during last weeks of February in the coastal resort of Menton, on the French Riviera in between Monaco and the Italian border. The 2017 Menton Lemon festival in France will take place from 11 February to 1 March 2017.

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365mipim expo cannes france4MIPIM Cannes is the International Real Estate show held at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, in March or April each year. This huge property market exhibition and conference is held over 4 full days and encompasses over 20,000 participants including exhibitors and keynote industry speakers. It features everybody from the international property sectors, including office and residential developers; real estate agents, and representatives from the healthcare and sports world.


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mapic cannesMAPIC Cannes is the International Retail Property Marketing show held at the Palais de Festivals, Cannes, in November each year. This exhibition and conference for companies specialising in retail development, is held over 3 full days and encompasses over 7,500 participants including exhibitors and keynote industry speakers. It includes everything from large scale Shopping Mall developers to retailers and factory outlets.

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feria de peche366Sitting on the edge of the Camargue, South of France, the old town of Saint-Gilles is a pleasant place to wander around, with its narrow windy streets. The biggest festival in Saint-Gilles takes place in mid August, with the Feria de la Peche et de l'Abricot (Peach & Apricot Festival), which features street processions, dancing and displays of Camarguais horse-riding through the streets.

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sommieresBeaucaire, on the edge of the Rhone river in South France, is a pretty little place, with parks situated all along the canal banks. The best time to visit Beaucaire is either during June's Fete du Drac, a traditional festival in honour of the town's dragon mascot; or during the Estivales in July, a reconstruction of the town''s medieval fair

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